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101 Uses: BabyLegs Has Kids Covered

BabyLegs on Kid o InfoBy Maura Keating

BabyLegs are a magic elixir of fashion and function for sleepers, crawlers, walkers, and beyond. There are so many ways to wear and use Babylegs that it is hard not to sound like an infomercial. I am tempted to include a bullet point list, but since this isn’t PowerPoint, I’ll refrain.

First, there are the obvious uses and the reasons why BabyLegs have become a daily phenomenon in our house. Just like the leg warmers you adored in the Eighties, BabyLegs keep your little one’s legs (or arms) toasty, while the range of colors and patterns keep you happy. My husband worried that our son would look strange in leg warmers (think Jennifer Beals in Flashdance) but BabyLegs won’t give you Flashdance flashbacks.

A pair of BabyLegs enables Baby to show off those cute onesies without catching cold. A crawling spring or summer Baby will be glad to have some protection against scuffed knees. Potty training in the fall or winter? BabyLegs keep legs warm without needing to be pulled up or down. Does your daughter wear dresses, without exception? My friend’s daughter believes that pants are for tomboys and tights are itchy, but she’ll wear BabyLegs. You can stay longer at the playground on chilly spring days with an extra layer. If you stop at a café on the way home, you can slip off the Babylegs before Baby overheats. However, my absolute favorite use for BabyLegs is to create a warm layer between socks and pants when Baby is in the carrier or the stroller. However we transport my son when it’s cold, his pants ride up, exposing his little legs to all sorts of weather. BabyLegs cover the gap.

One size fits most, with a recommended age range of birth to ten years. Finally, I found something for my son that won’t need to get packed away after three months of use. Regular BabyLegs are mostly cotton, with a touch of polyester and spandex for fit and stretch. Other varieties include SuperSoft BabyLegs (made of 100% polyester) and a new organic line made of 100% cotton. The package recommends hand washing and for the most part, that’s what we’ve done. On harried days, I have used a lingerie bag to wash my BabyLegs in the gentle cycle and they still look good. I really wish that I could throw BabyLegs in with the regular wash, but I love them too much to lose them, so I play it safe. My son enjoys wearing his BabyLegs, especially since he associates them with outside play. His legs are dimpled with baby fat and the BabyLegs sometimes leave a faint red mark on his thighs. I’m not worried, though, because if they were too tight or uncomfortable, he would refuse to wear them. Although my toddler’s vocabulary is limited, he has no problem expressing his opinion.

BabyLegs sample on Kid o Info

There is so much in a baby’s life that is fleeting. There are so many things that we buy for one use and then throw it away, pack it away, give it away… I’ll be glad to have BabyLegs around for a while. And when my son is done with them, my arms get cold too.

The Details: BabyLegs, $12 and up; check the store locator to find BabyLegs at a store near you.

CONTEST: We are giving away TWO pairs of BabyLegs. Enter to win one pair by answering the question, “How do you plan to use your BabyLegs?” (Check the BabyLegs website for some great ideas.)  CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.

Is there something that you’ve been eyeing? Let us try before you buy! Send ideas, questions, and comments to me at maura ( a t ) kidoinfo ( d o t ) com.

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