3 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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It’s that weekend, and if you’re a mom reading this, pass it along to those who can make your Sunday the best ever.

Kido Tip 1. Make a custom CD or load her iPod with her favorite songs

One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts from my husband and boys was a mixed CD based on the theme of “LOVE.” including a cover drawn by my son of our family. They picked songs I love, songs about love, and songs they love to share. Creating a custom playlist for an iPod or CD reminds me of the mixed tapes I used to make for friends or for special occasions like a road trip or party. Coming up with the perfect mix and decorating the tape cover was always a blast. With today’s technology it’s even easier to make your own mix from your CDs or buying music from iTunes–finding the time is another issue.  I adore and treasure these sentimental gifts from my family.

Kido Tip 2: Make something by hand

I am big fan of handmade gifts. We have a tradition in our family to always give a handmade gift for special occasions, some more elaborate than others. Over the years my boys have made me jewelry and books and more recently written me stories and created cartoon characters in my honor. DIY gifts can be as simple as a photo in a frame, drawing or a few words on a card. If you want to get a bit more crafty, try making this adorable  Handprint a totebag or decorate a flower pot.

Kido Tip 3. Give mom time.

One thing moms are short on is “time.” Time to do read, exercise, finish a cup of coffee (while it is still hot) and time to do nothing. I know I am looking forward to some quality family time this weekend without cooking or laundry but I also look forward to my family allowing a little time to myself. Give a mom in your life an hour or more to herself this weekend.

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