Make an Easy Summer Treat

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We have a new favorite treat in our house and we discovered it just in time for summer.

It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s absolutely delicious. And best of all, it’s healthy.


I can almost guarantee that if you have kids, you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already. All three of

  • bananas
  • peanut butter
  • vanilla

With a little planning, simply pre-freezing a banana, you can whip up a sugar-free ice creamy dessert in no time at all. Simply cut up a frozen banana and pop it in the food processor. Add a spoonful or two of peanut butter, a teaspoon of vanilla and blend! Keep blending until it’s nice and creamy.

And voila – Banana ice cream!

NOTE: If you’re feeling in the mood for something more “chocolatey,” add in a tablespoon of cocoa power. No extra sugar needed; the banana does all the sweetening!photo-4

It’s wonderful quick after dinner “healthy” treat for you and your little ones.

photo-3My son has been going crazy for this delicious “dessert.” It’s guilt-free and sure to please. Even those with the biggest sweet tooth will feel like they’ve indulged! There will be no shortage of this treat in our house this summer: I may even make a big batch and store it in a real ice cream container!

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