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Thank you to Providence Business News for printing my editorial about how parents are using social media to form communities online and in real life.

Read the entire article, “Immediate, flexible community is result of social media” in the April 5, 2010 edition of Providence Business News.


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Anisa Raoof

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Anisa Raoof is the publisher of She combines being a mom with her experience as an artist, designer, psych researcher and former co-director of the Providence Craft Show to create the go-to spot for families in Rhode Island and beyond. She loves using social media to connect parents with family-related businesses and services and promoting ways for parents to engage offline with their kids. Anisa believes in the power of working together and loves to find ways to collaborate with others. An online enthusiast, still likes to unplug often by reading books and magazines, drawing, learning to knit, making pop-up books with her two sons and listening to records with her husband.

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  1. Marcia M. Fowler Marcia says:

    Wonderful to see something from you in PBN. Congratulations.

  2. calendar katy says:

    where is the “like” thumb icon for this?

  3. Erin Barrette Goodman Erin Goodman says:

    congrats anisa! i’m looking forward to reading the full editorial!

  4. calendar katy says:

    whine: we have to log in to read it. would they let you reprint it here?

  5. Elyse Major elyse says:

    way to go, anisa! i love free press as much as i do branding! LOL (i’m such a geek)

    warmest congrats! rock on!


  6. Anisa Raoof Anisa says:

    I updated the article link. You should be able to click and read article without signing in now.

  7. Children's Museum Megan says:

    Congratulations, Anisa – this is great!

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