Are you there, gods?: At the RISD Museum, the answer is a resounding Yes

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Are you living with one or more Percy Jackson fanatics? This popular series puts Greek myths in a contemporary context, and my kids and legions of others love it. RISDM-VesselIf your kids are among them, keep in mind that a number of references to the gods are on view in the RISD Museum’s newly reinstalled ancient galleries, from a beautiful Bacchus/Dionysus mosaic to several Greek vases with depictions of Apollo, Nike, Hermes, Athena, Herakles/Hercules, and Dionysus. The new galleries really bring these and other objects from ancient Greece, Rome, and Byzantium to life by teasing out how they were made and the everyday contexts in which they were used. If you remember the previous incarnation of these galleries, last installed in the 1940s, what you’ll find now is entirely different. Not only is the new presentation beautiful, it’s much more kid-accessible both in terms of historical context and the physical presentation of the objects–cases are lower and statuary is shown in a more dynamic way.


The RISD Museum’s ancient art collection is considered one of the best in the country, and it’s right here in Providence. Come to a free Community Day at the RISD Museum on Sat. Sept. 25 to explore the new installation as a family and participate in related activities. For more info, visit


RISD Museum Community Day: Reopening Antiquity, Providence
Saturday, September 25, 11am — 4pm
Location: RISD Museum, 20 North Main Street, Providence
Free and open to the public.
AGES: All ages

Photographs courtesy of the RISD Museum of Art: (Top) Greek, Attica, Mixing vessel (krater), 520-510 BCE with Herakles with Iolaos, Athena, Dionysos and Apollo. (Bottom) In the Weiss Gallery of Ancient Art.


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