ARTplay: Use everyday objects in unexpected ways

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Artists often represent places they know well. Tony Capellan’s Mar Caribe is inspired by the coast of the Caribbean Sea and his home in the Dominican Republic. The many sandals in varied shades of blue suggest the ocean and wearing flip-flops on the beach. Tony Capellan collected these sandals and arranged them to create this sculpture.

Tony Capellan Mar Caribe
Installation View, Tony Capellan, Mar Caribe (Caribbean Sea), 1996. Mary B Jackson Fund.
Courtesy of Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design.

With your child: Look closely. Is there something unexpected? The place where you would slide your feet is made of barbed wire, which is unexpected. The artist took familiar everyday objects and transformed their appearance to share his ideas about a specific place.

Project: Find everyday objects that are all the same color or shape in your house and create your own sculpture.

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  1. judith tannenbaum says:

    This is very cool. But too bad the photo isn’t better. I do have a detail that shows the barbed wire.

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