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February seems to me a perfect month to spend with a set of mixing bowls, baking pans, and a nice hot oven. Between the sweetness of Valentine’s Day treats and big, blizzard snowstorms, it is truly the heart of winter in New England. And nothing feels cozier than turning up the oven to warm the kitchen and filling the house with the smell of baking bread.

I became something of a Banana Bread aficionado a few winters ago when I began systematically trying every delicious-looking recipe I found in cookbooks and my favorite food blogs. I have tried adding pecans, crystallized ginger, chocolate chips, walnuts, and sometimes the recipes have even called for lemon juice!

I love baking for the same reason kids do:Skill_It_Banana_Bread

– it is really, really fun to get a little bit of flour on your face
– scooping and measuring ingredients is uniquely satisfying
– the transformation of dough or batter into something edible is pure magic

This Six Banana Banana Bread recipe has the added kid-friendly step of mashing bananas with a fork. I suggest doing this in a wide, shallow bowl with a plain fork or potato masher and letting the little ones pretty much go to town. Yes, it would be best if most of the banana stayed in the bowl, but I promise you, this is the very best part of the recipe.

In addition to the fun of mashing your bananas, you can play with personalizing your loaf with different combinations of dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate chips. Any combination will work, really, and you never know what discovery you and your young chefs might make! In the end, I think this is the real joy of cooking together as a family.


To start baking Skill It’s favorite Banana Bread, click here to download the printable recipe.

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