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rimonthly.gifWow! Kidoinfo is a winner of the 2007 Best of Rhode Island Awards in the Kid stuff category. As the new kid on the block, it’s an honor to have Kidoinfo recognized in its infancy. I created Kidoinfo to be a smart, useful online resource for families in the Providence area and beyond. As a mom of two young kids, I am always looking for ways to make parenting a little easier, more creative, and less stressful. Since officially launching the site in March (on Dr. Seuss’s birthday), the community response has been tremendous both online and off.

Thanks to everyone who voted, but thank you even more to all the great people who make Kidoinfo what it is. This site is possible because of the growing number of people who have joined the Kidoinfo team. Many thanks to Douglas Itkin (husband and tech guy), Nancy King (assistant editor), Katy Killilea (Grocery News and guest writer), Michelle Riggen-Ransom (Nature/Nurture), Mark Binder (Story of the Month), Kelly LaChance-Guertin (Ask Kelly), Providence Children’s Museum (monthly column), Shannon Mullen (intern), plus a number of contributing writers and the many friends, relatives and fellow parents who have provided valuable feedback and suggestions. It’s an honor to have the support of so many of you.

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  • WooHoo!!
    How fabbulous!! You have your perfect niche- at least for this season in life. How rewarding. We knew you “when”.

  • Congrats Anisa! The site looks great, deserving of the recognition. We’re totally psyched for you and everyone else on the Kidoinfo team. Cheers!