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Blue Submarine

With a big cardboard box, the possibilities are endless.

If you don’t want to wait until the next time you need a new dishwasher, TV or large object delivered to your house in a cardboard box, visit your local appliance shop and they will be happy to supply you with one. Cut a door opening in the box and you can make a clubhouse. Turn it over to make a boat or car. Do a little more cutting and you can make a puppet theater. Or let your kids’ imaginations run wild.

This blue submarine is made from the two boxes our new toilet was shipped in. We cut holes in each box, matched the holes up and taped the boxes together. We cut another hole in the top. The box already had a front flap for the boys to get into the submarine. In about twenty minutes they were off on their submarine adventures. The submarine got moved around from room to room for days afterward.

The boys did not tire of playing in it but I confess I got a little tired of looking at the brown cardboard toilet box. The next nice day, we brought the box outside and found old paint in the basement from their bedroom walls. The boys and I had a blast painting the box. It dried quickly in the sun. Their favorite part was decorating it with paint and their handprints.cardboardrocket

In the end, the boys’ adventures are just as fun in plain cardboard or a blue submarine. Since I am a visual person, I personally like the blue submarine best.

– Pop-up a ready-made cardboard house. My Very Own House available at Target.

– Cool Moon Rocket Playhouse shown is designed by Isa Pini.
– Rockets, houses and more at Paperpod Cardboard Creations.
– Search Flickr.com for more cardboard inspirations.

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  • so fun! we enjoy making box houses around here. my boys always want them to have a door, window with shutters/flaps, and a mail slot. when the cardboard houses have finally had it, i pack ’em up and take them to the recycling center in johnston (exit 5 off of 295)