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Bright Night Today and Night in Providence!

The contest is already done. If you did not win tickets to attend Bright Night you can still buy tickets for today’s events.

Bright NightThe artist-run, family-friendly New Year’s Eve festival Bright Night promises to be a most magical evening. It’s not that Harry Potter will be running around town or that that a unicorn will appear, complete with magical horn. (Although both of those would be kind of cool.) This year the main act for Bright Night is the magic/illusion spectacular IllusionQuest. A featured act at Six Flags New England for five years, master illusionist David Garrity and his team will magically appear, disappear, pass through solid objects and even float people from the audience. Read comeplete article here.

Read about how Kidoinfo readers spend their New Year’s Day. I love all the tradtions shared in the comments.

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  • Just heard from one of the Bright Night winners:

    Thank you so much for selecting us winners of one of the Family Fun Packs for Bright Night. We had a marvelous time! Starting with the lighting of the Waterfire at 5:30 to the Big Nazo Rock and Roll Puppet Show to the Poetry Slam and Fishing with the Finnegans to the stroke of midnight back at Waterplace Park it was a night to remember. We will definitely do it again and will suggest to other people to do the same!

  • We had a blast. The Big Nazo show was loads of fun at the Roxy. The boys loved the swanky red lounge and watching the band really play instruments. Then we had front seats at the Bill Harley show. Thanks Adam for organizing!