Bringing Providence’s Baseball History to Life

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Did you know?

– Providence was a major league city for baseball from 1878 to 1885?

– The Providence Grays won the National League pennant in 1879 and 1884, and the first World’s Championship in 1884?

– 1884 was the first year overhand pitching was allowed in the National League, but fielders hadn’t started wearing gloves, and the catcher’s mitt hadn’t been invented?

– Since 1998, the Providence Grays Vintage Base Ball Club has brought our city’s baseball history to life playing against teams from throughout the Northeast?

The Providence Grays Vintage Base Ball Club was created as a tribute to the 1884 Grays, inspired by a league of similar historical baseball teams in New York. They learned the 1884 rules and style of play. The mission of The Providence Grays is to preserve, perpetuate, and promote the game of baseball as it was played during its formative years in the nineteenth century.

This Saturday, June 27, the Grays are playing two games against the Brooklyn Atlantics by the rules and practices of 1864 and 1884. The games start at noon at Ardoene Field in Elmwood. Ardoene Field is off Narragansett Avenue in Providence, one block south off Reservoir Avenue, and includes a playground, concession stand, and bathroom. Admission is free.

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  1. Tim Norton says:

    I started the Providence Grays in 1998. Please let us know if you would like to bring a group to a game this season and I’ll be glad to discuss the team or answer questions.

    Thank you.

  2. It’s great fun! We went to a Grays-Bristol Blues game a couple of weeks ago and had a fabulous afternoon.

  3. kevin thoma says:

    this is awesome..i wish i knew about this you play any games after sept 11th sat

  4. Teresa Rohlin says:

    My grandfather Frank Corridon pitched and helped bring the team to become Eastern League Champions in 1900, when Bill Murray was manager. I have just found your web site so have not looked in depth at it yet. But he did well, and went on to have 6 years 1904 – 1910 playing on 3 National League teams – Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Nationals and St Louis Cardinals. But he got his start with Providence Grays. He was born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island.

  5. Oli Wan says:

    Dear Teresa Rohlin, I just read that your grandfather was pitcher Frank Corridon. I consider writing a book that takes place in the USA in the time from 1900 to 1940, a short episode might deal with baseball. Is it true that he invented the “spitball”? Where did your family originally come from (I suppose there must have been immogrants from Europe, but I am not sure). I’d be very glad for a short answer…maybe you contact me on facebook, my name there ist “oli wan”. Thanks in advance!

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