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ryder windhamMark your calendar! Dress as your favorite Star Wars character and meet Ryder Windham, author of over sixty Star Wars books, on Monday, May 11, 2009, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Rochambeau Library Branch.

Our boys became obsessed with Star Wars long before they ever saw a movie. First they discovered the cool action figures, robots, and ships at their friend’s house. Through imaginary play, they came up with stories and numerous adventures for these characters. Then we moved on to finding books at the library to learn about the characters and their affiliations. It was not until recently that they got to see some of the films (the original trilogy). I am not a fan of war and weapons, yet I have embraced Star Wars for its ability to sweep kids up into adventure, the science of space, and technology. I find the stories have striking relevance to real-life issues, teaching my kids that there are consequences for the choices they make and the  actions they take. Good versus Evil is a classic story theme. And Star Wars is all about this and more.A New Hope

If your kids are Star Wars fans–whether they have seen any or all the movies or read the books–they will enjoy meeting  Ryder Windham and learning more about Star Wars from an authority. They can even come dressed as their favorite Star Wars character.

Return to Tatooine: Secrets of the Star Wars Sand Planet

In May, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the premiere of Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. The sand planet Tatooine appeared in all but one of the Star Wars movies (you are a true fan if you can guess which ones), and has been featured in numerous novels, comics, and games. Although ten years have passed since The Phantom Menace revealed that Anakin Skywalker once lived on Tatooine, many areas of this fictional world have remained a mystery. . . until now!

Ryder Windham has written more than sixty Star Wars and Indiana Jones books, including juvenile fiction, comic book scripts, movie novelizations, and information guides. For this event, he will share his secrets of writing Star Wars stories and read an excerpt from a forthcoming novel featuring Luke Skywalker on Tatooine!

If you own books by Ryder Windham, bring them along and the author will be happy to sign them for you. He will also be giving away signed souvenirs. And since kids often love the opportunity to dress up and parents like to get full use out of the costumes they made or bought, we invite your kids to come dressed as their favorite Star Wars character.

For fans with questions about Star Wars stories or characters, e-mail your  questions   to me (anisa at kidoinfo dot com) and I will submit them to Ryder to answer that evening. If you can’t come, send your questions anyway, and we will post the answers on Kidoinfo after the event. I know my boys want to know Ryder’s favorite character, so there’s one question already.

An evening with Ryder Windam sponsored by Friends of Rochambeau
Monday, May 11, 2009
6:30 PM-7:30 PM
Rochambeau Branch, Providence Public Library – 708 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906 (Map it)
Cost: Free
Ages: All ages.
Phone: 401-455-8198

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  1. Jaci Arnone Jaci says:

    My husband might be even more excited than my kids…maybe he’ll dust off that old Storm Trooper outfit (yikes!).

    Thanks for passing on the info.

  2. calendar katy says:

    how many lightsabers do you think you’ll see in apsara at 6PM that day?

  3. Amy says:

    Do we need to register for this event?

  4. Anisa Raoof Anisa says:

    No need to register. Please send questions and start planning your costumes!

  5. Katy Killilea Katy says:

    What other kinds of Star Wars jobs can Star Wars fans get when they grow up?

  6. Katy Killilea Katy says:

    Oh, I really hope to see Jaci there with her date, the Storm Trooper.

  7. Anisa Raoof Anisa says:

    Just found out that members of the world wide Star Wars fan club — the 501st Legion — will be present, in costume! Shake hands with a Tusken Raider and a Jawa! How cool is that??

  8. calendar cricket says:

    You just took my breath away!

    Another question: What are the best places for Star Wars fans to visit?

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