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Welcome back to Camp Tinker! As mentioned in my previous post, Camp Tinker aims to be a series of summertime posts featuring simple and enjoyable craft projects. It also serves as a little “craft lab” for me to try out new ideas and twists. This post’s project is a sort of no-fail terrarium.

Ready, Campers?!

For the “findings” think of small seaside-related items such as a tiny starfish meant for scrapbooking, little shells, glass beads, pebbles, wired roses.

Let’s begin by making a beachy fence by cutting craft sticks a bit more than half-way, as shown.

Next, glue two pieces of string across the sticks to form a fence; let dry completely and snip loose ends.

Gather all of your supplies. Grab anything that you have in your craft-stash that you think would be pretty. No craft stash? Look around for broken jewelry or beads, small rocks and sprigs of plants — real or faux. Digging through my own supplies, I rediscovered a bag of shells spray-painted white and among them scallop shells saved from a restaurant. (Yikes!?)

Yep, I even had a coffee cup filled with sand and lavender sprigs saved from December so I poured that into the vase; it wasn’t quite enough sand so I mixed in some table salt until it was the amount and shade I liked best.

I added the little fence in the sand and then played and placed things about.

When my beach scene was to my liking, I decided to place it on a large plate and surround it with shells.

For variations, create scenes using small toys or miniatures or add a candle. So many possibilities! Imagine a row of jars, each filled with sand and treasures …

Use emptied bags from lunch at the beach to take sand home; fill bottles and label. Fill other bottles with sea glass to create a sparkling vignette.

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