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Tuesdays (starting July 11) from 3-6pm in Burnside Park, Downtown Providence.
Free fun for all ages.
Kidoinfo is proud partner of Play in the Park teaming up with Jen Smith of Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy and company to bring family friendly activities to Burnside Park. There is something new each week!Plus Every Tuesday, from 3 – 6pm, the Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy, in partnership with FarmFreshRI, is bringing a selection of local farmers and producers to Washington Street for the Downtown Farmer’s Market. Don’t miss you chance to stop by and pick up delicious fresh produce and foods made by local producers.Tuesday, July 11, join us in Burnside Park as we kick off our summer programming.

July 11
playSCIENCE with Miss Katie, fun music + science exploration!

July 18 
Superhero Day! and World Instruments finger painting with Heidi!
Plus, Sidy Maiga hosts an open drum circle from 5-6pm

July 25
Powerful Percussion! Join Miss Katie as we explore all of the sounds we can make on a drum! We’ll play drums big and small, and experiment with making our own shakers. We’ll test our ears and see if we can guess what’s inside Miss Katie’s Rainbow Egg Shakers. Take your shaker home and see if anyone can guess what’s inside!

August 1
Ocean fun finger painting with Heidi!

August 8
HONK! Festival Ballet Providence brings to life the delightful story of a swan who wants to be a ballerina for the Play In The Park on August 8th.  Hear the telling of HONK: The Story of a Prima Swanerina written by Pamela Duncan Edwards.  A ballerina from FBP will be there to perform an expert from the ballet Swan Lake.  FBP Director of Community Engagement will teach the children a swan dance and assist them in creating a swan craft.

August 15 
Superhero Day!
Plus, Sidy Maiga hosts an open drum circle from 5-6pm

August 22
Providence Children’s Film Festival Animation Workshop

Looking forward to seeing you in the park on Tuesday, July 11!

Anisa Raoof accepts a Dorry on behalf of Providence Children's Film Festival

Anisa Raoof accepts a Dorry on behalf of Providence Children's Film Festival

In recognition of the region's "best, most interesting art and culture" The Law and Order Party held its first annual award celebration, the Dorrys, on September 27. Matthew Lawrence's  Law and Order Party: 365 Things To Do In Rhode Island This Year is a website, event calendar, and weekly newsletter that highlights one local cultural event for every day of the year (some suitable for kids, others events are the perfect break from parental duties), in addition to guides and features including "movie lounge" and "restaurant madness". Fun fact: "Law and Order Party" and the "Dorrys" are a throwback to the Rhode Island political party of the 1840's at the time of the Dorr Rebellion, not embracing any affiliation but simply the quirkiness that weaves through the Rhode Island identity.

The Dorry award winners represent the best of local creative forces, from the trailblazers to the enduring in categories of art, books, drama, film, music and performance. We've assembled a handful of noteworthy winners that have been particularly impactful on kids and families in the Ocean State including the non-profit organizations Manton Avenue Project, Providence Children's Film Festival, Girls Rock! Rhode Island, and Everett, working directly with Rhode Island youth to nurture creative expression and skills.

Visit the Law and Order Party: 365 Things To Do In Rhode Island This Year to view the calendar and subscribe to the weekly e-newsletter of artful and interesting Rhode Island happenings to explore.

By Providence Children's Museum

This summer, kids and adults can explore beats and rhythm and make some joyful noise on two vibrant interactive sound sculptures recently installed in The Children’s Garden at Providence Children’s Museum.

Whether banging on drums or ringing bells, children inherently respond to making and sharing music. Designed to accommodate a range of physical abilities and skills, the sound sculptures invite children of all ages to play a variety of inventive percussion instruments in their own ways and create meaningful interactions with music and with each other. Making music together promotes confidence and social skills, as well as the development of language, mathematical and spatial thinking – and it's just plain fun!

PCM-Music MakingBy incorporating a variety of intriguing reclaimed objects and new materials, the playful sound sculptures offer kids a hands-on musical experience with both usual and unusual instruments, including bells and tongue drums fashioned from steel propane tanks, triangles and large wooden and metal chimes.

The captivating musical components have infused The Children’s Garden with even more creative exploration, and inspire families to express themselves while discovering ways that everyday items can be playfully repurposed. Feel the beat!

There are plenty of other great play opportunities at the Museum this summer, too! Get Out! for hands-on activities in The Children’s Garden on Tuesday afternoons, climb aboard a different vehicle during Wheels at Work each Wednesday morning, build with big blue Imagination Playground blocks every Friday, and much more! Learn more.

The Ukuleles for Peace group, a coexistence project between Israeli Jews and Arabs, will be performing one show in Rhode Island on July 12th as they tour New England and then fly out to Hawaii!

UFP Flyer - webThis musical group was founded eleven years ago by Paul Moore while living in Israel. I heard about this project via David Wasser (local Rhode Island dad)—longtime friend of Paul, webmaster, and a principle supporter of Ukuleles for Peace.

The core of the project is the Ukuleles for Peace orchestra, a group of about 15 kids ages 13 and up, that performs in Israel along with some gigs in Europe as well. Starting with ukulele lessons in the schools, the kids grow up working on music together, traveling together, attending family picnics and celebrating one another's holidays and special events. So it really brings the larger communities into contact with each other, as well.

What a treat, for the UFP kids and our community to experience this exciting blend of musical collaboration!

Details about the event:
July 12 from 7 - 8:30pm
Location: Torat Yisrael - 1251 Middle Road, East Greenwich, RI
Cost: $5 /person suggested donation
Event website:

For more information about Ukuleles for Peace:


RI Sounding Voices are inviting all singers, experienced or not, to   participate in a statewide chorus being created to perform ONE VOICE at the Providence International Arts Festival in downtown Providence on June 13th. This will be the culmination of the work which began over a year ago.  This work was created in preparation for the festival that was to take place in September 2014, but needed to be moved to the spring due to construction on Kennedy Plaza.  The festival now has the full backing of Mayor Elorza and has been renamed The Providence International Arts Festival, produced by the City of Providence and FirstWorks.  A parade and the ONE VOICE performance by RI-Sounding Voices will serve as opening ceremonies for the event.

On September 20, 2014  RI-Sounding Voices came together and performed on at Urban Carnevale.  This performance was a preview to the upcoming event in June. We are continuing to join together choruses from across the Ocean State - and Rhode Islanders who just like to sing - in a unique musical melting pot of Rhode Island voices. The group will perform an arranged musical work called ONE VOICE, together as one choral unit that embodies the vast diversity of the Ocean State on June.

From the four corners of our state, we want you to be a member of RI-Sounding Voices! From the shores of Newport to the streams of the Blackstone Valley, we want you! From the urban magic of the Creative Capital to the succulent flavors harvested by South County farms, we want you! By lifting our community's voices together, we will create a united resounding voice for Rhode Island: RI-SOUNDING VOICES!

ONE VOICE is a choral work arranged and directed by Dr. Clarice LaVerne Thompson (Musicologist, Composer/Arranger & Artistic Director of RI-Sounding Voices). ONE VOICE is under the leadership of Shaunne N. Thomas (Production Producer & Moderator) and Cheryl S. Lopes (Managing Administrative Director), all three of RPM Voices of Rhode Island.

To join RI-Sounding Voices and participate in the ONE VOICE program, please go to the link below and complete the interest form by March 20, 2015:

For more information, click the link above or go to

There are such a variety of amazing children's music classes available in our little state.  Here follows a round-up of some of the most popular options for you and your littles.


Music Together classes can be found in Providence, Barrington, Newport, Warwick, Cranston and North Kingstown. Class prices range from $150-$180 for 8-9 week sessions.  Classes are also available for older children K-2. The Music Together program philosophy allows your child to learn in a playful environment that is musically rich and always supportive of their learning style and stage of development.

Music for Children is hosted by Miss Lindsay - a wonderful, nurturing teacher.  Theses classes are based on the Mary Ann Hall music curriculum and are held on the East Side of Providence. Cost is $425 for 24 weeks. A musical theatre group for older children is also offered.

Kindermusik at Bellani Maternity in Warwick. Pricing is $140 for 8 weeks. In a Kindermusik class, children explore songs, stories, recordings of many musical genres, instruments and props.


Rock a Baby in Barrington, Providence and Warwick.  Pricing is $155 for 8 weeks. Rock a Baby is an interactive music program for infants and toddlers. Every week a new theme is introduced through music and dance and children experience everything from Beethoven and Bach to rap and rock.

RI Philharmonic - Soundplay and Music Together in East Providence.  Classes cost $175 for 10 weeks. This class introduces children to a wide variety of musical sounds. Children will begin to build a rich listening vocabulary, the foundation for future music singing and chanting, creating, reading and writing.

Rhody Center - The Rhody Center for World Music and Dance offers a drop-in music circle for toddlers based on a wide variety of traditions.  Classes can be purchased as singles, 6 pack or 12 pack.  12 classes being $6 each.

Local Libraries also offer free story times mixed with some musical elements.  We take our 15 month old daughter to a Mother Goose class in Barrington which is super low-key and fun with singing and instruments and costs nothing.

By Mychal Gendron

Is musical ability something that all children are born with? Is talent in music something that is inherited — “in the genes” — or is it something that can be developed and nurtured in a loving, supportive home?Sukuzi_guitar student

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki believed that all children have a talent for music, and that the critical factor for the development of this, or any ability, is the quality of the environment for learning. Throughout his long life (1898-1998), Dr. Suzuki devoted himself to teaching children as young as age three to play the violin with beautiful tone, with musical expression, and with great joy. He based his theories of teaching music on one very basic observation, in his home country of Japan — “All Japanese children speak Japanese” — a simple, obvious, but very powerful statement that acknowledges two things:

The recognition of the ability for music inherent in all children sets the stage for the next important step in music education for young students — Dr. Suzuki called this “Talent Education”. Using language learning as the primary model for teaching music, new skills are taught in small, easily learned steps; repetition of these skills, as in language, is critical to total mastery. Newer skills are added gradually, while retaining older skills through review — again, like continuing to use known vocabulary along with recently learned words. And, as in speech, these skills are fostered in a home environment that enhances the importance of music through listening and active playing.

Since coming to the United States with a group of his students in 1964, Dr. Suzuki’s ideas and methods have been adapted from the teaching of the violin to cello, viola, bass, piano, flute, guitar, recorder, harp and voice. The great success of the “Suzuki Method” has led to the establishment of music programs throughout the world that teach according to Shinichi Suzuki’s principles, with administrative centers in Japan, Europe, Australia and the U.S. Suzuki instructors are rigorously trained and devoted to the teaching of young children; most continue their training year after year in the pursuit of lifelong learning. In this country, these instructors often have thriving private studios, but they can also be found teaching at better community music schools or in schools that specialize in teaching the Suzuki method.

When searching for the best quality in music education for their children, parents will find many options to consider. If the Suzuki method sounds like the answer to your child’s and your family’s needs, there are important things to look for before making a commitment - any fine Suzuki school or program should:

The Suzuki instruction books, for all instrument and at all levels, are available to the general public, and it is both legal and ethical for music instructors who have not taken Suzuki training to use these books in their teaching, but the knowledge of how to apply Suzuki philosophy and method to the musical materials is something that only trained instructors have. Families can easily obtain the most up-to-date information about these instructors in the United States, and elsewhere, by contacting the Suzuki Association of the Americas at; all teachers who have taken Suzuki training are registered as SAA members, and a teacher search on the website will help to locate the best instructors for each instrument in any U.S. city and state.

To be sure, a Suzuki education in music involves a real commitment for the parents or caregivers — this includes attending all lessons with the child, participating in group/ensemble classes as well as private lessons, and taking responsibility for regular home practice. But the rewards — the acquisition and retention of musical skills, the confidence and pride of accomplishment that children feel when they reach treasured goals, and the possibility of a lifetime of doing and sharing something they truly love — are the best reasons for parents to invest in their children’s artistic lives.

Mychal Gendron is a registered Suzuki Teacher Trainer in guitar. He has been a clinician at Suzuki workshops and on the faculty of Suzuki institutes throughout the U.S. Mychal has been a regular presenter at Suzuki Association of the Americas Conferences and was Guitar Coordinator for the conference in 2008. His compositions and arrangements have been published and recorded by Mel Bay Publica­tions and by Opus Guitar Publications.

Mychal maintains an active Suzuki Guitar studio at Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School and is a Teaching Associate in Guitar at Brown University. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the North Carolina School of the Arts and a Master of Music degree from New England Conservatory. Mychal has performed in France, Brazil and throughout the U.S., including all six New England States.

For more information

Please contact the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School for more information about Suzuki instruction at 401.248.7020 or

As parents, we have only a finite amount of time to connect with our children before they grow up. Singing and making music can profoundly support our child’s development in many ways. Plus, when we sing and make music together, we can form life-long family bonds.

homemade-and-real-maracasParents and caregivers contribute enormously to the enrichment of their child’s music development–regardless of their own music abilities. Music education expert Kenneth K. Guilmartin explains, “It is not important that you sing or move well; it is important that you model singing and moving for your child.”

Studies show that music supports all learning by promoting creativity, personal expression, and social interaction. Music is not just fun–it also helps children develop a host of other important skills, such as language, concentration, social skills, confidence, and self-esteem.

Participating in music making with our children, is not only pleasurable and nurturing for them, but will most likely give parents more confidence as well.

It can be challenging for parents to stay focused on the simpler things in life, with so much information and so many choices coming at them on a daily basis. Often families need the gift of space and time: The space to explore music together and the time to create meaningful memories that become a part of the fabric of their lives for many years to come.

Barbi Beyer is a mother of two grown daughters, a songwriter, and a university—trained vocalist, who brings a deep love of music and children to her teaching. Her business, Sing With B Music, encompasses a number of musical ventures, including Music Together®, a music and movement classes for infants through five-year-olds and their families.  She entertains at birthday parties and has performed at a number of small venues over the years. At home in Charlestown, Rhode Island, she enjoys singing in her living room for her two dogs and cat, or while walking in her woods, or sometimes with her husband.

Things to learn and do in Honor of St. Patrick's Day.
170Px-Leprechaun Ill Artlibre Jnl-1

- Wear something green.
- A Shamrock, the national emblem of Ireland, is a three-leaf clover and considered to bring good-luck.
- Read a good book with your children first, like Leprechauns Never Lie by Lorna and Lecia Balian. (Find more book suggestions here.)
- Take your kids to the park or go for a hike in the woods to look for Leprechauns.
- If you can't find any, watch for leprechauns in Tipperary, Ireland.
- Learn the legends: The Blarney Stone is a stone set in the wall of the Blarney Castle tower in the Irish village of Blarney. Kissing the stone is supposed to bring the kisser the gift of persuasive eloquence (blarney).
- Go for walk with your kids and find your own Blarney Stone or create your own legend about the stone you find.
- Make Irish Soda Bread with your kids. (Recipe below)
- Watch the movie, Finian's Rainbow with Fred Astaire.
- Plan an ALL green meal with your kids: salad, broccoli, peas, cucumbers, green frosted cupcakes, green ice cream... You get the idea.
- Learn to dance an Irish jig. Watch dance clips on the official Riverdance website, then try out some moves.
- Read an Irish Blessing below.

Near a misty stream in Ireland in the hollow of a tree
Live mystical, magical leprechauns
who are clever as can be
With their pointed ears, and turned up toes and little coats of green
The leprechauns busily make their shoes and try hard not to be seen.
Only those who really believe have seen these little elves
And if we are all believers
We can surely see for ourselves.

- Check the Kidoinfo Calendar for local events, parades and celebrations.

There are many bands and music created and geared for kids. But just as my own musical preferences are not stuck in a particular genre neither should my childrens'. Expose them to it all and see what they move and groove too. And like me, I find their favorites may vary with mood or activity.

Pete Seeger at the 2011 Newport Folk Festival

I recently asked parents to share their children's favorite musician as part of a contest. The answers are so eclectic and awesome, I want to share them with you.

After taking my kids to the Newport Folk Festival this year, I would add some the following to my kids' list:
Elvis Costello, Carolina Chocolate Drops, David Wax Museum and the SEEGER clogging all stars.

Check it out, turn it on and add your favorites in the comments below. is published by Gale Force Communications

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