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I am wishing for and working towards a kinder, gentler world. Now that my boys are almost 10 (born days after 9/11)–avid readers and inquisitive about the word around them–I can no longer shield them from much of the news about war, terrorism and many injustices that happen in our world today.

I am still cautious about what I share with my kids–my maternal instinct is to prevent them from seeing or experiencing anything bad–but now I see holidays, current events, and history as opportunities to help them understand the world around them. By answering questions and explaining (as best I can) about what and why things happen and sharing my (and my husband’s) values, we are trying to teach our kids the importance of tolerance, treating others with respect, and valuing others opinions. Ulitmatley a more peaceful world.

Ginny Fox shares  her mission of a more peaceful world all year through the Peace Flag Project (PFP), an inspirational project based on the tradition of Tibetan Prayer Flags. Now celebrate of special Month of Peace in Providence. Observing the Month of Peace in Providence is an expansion of the PFP celebrations of the United Nations International Day of Peace events for the last seven years.

Ginny believes celebrating the Peace Month is about helping to create a community that is one of equality and justice. A peaceful culture is one that we can create ourselves by how we live our lives each day. The goal is peaceful relationships on all levels. Sahring this with our kids gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

Events have been planned all month long. Please check the Peace Flag Project website and organizational websites for further details.

All events are free and open to the public.


Providence Community Libraries: Exhibits of Peace Flags and Peace Flag workshops
Where: All 9 Community Libraries of Providence
website: www.provcomlibr.org

Peace Art Exhibit featuring Sculpture by Mimi Sammis and Christiane Corbat,
Where: Atrium Gallery, First Unitarian Church of Providence
website: www.firstunitarianprov.org

Special Events

September 10:

10 th Anniversary  – A Decade Later: Lost But Not Forgotten
Where: Wall of Hope at WaterPlace Park
website: www.ricj.org and www.waterfire.org

Community Service Day
Where: Serve Rhode Island
website: www.serverhodeisland.org

September 21:

UN International Day of Peace
6:00 pm. Youth Speak Out: Voices for Peace
Where: RI for Community and Justice, Paff Auditorium, URI Feinstein Campus, Providence

Peace Day Celebration
Noon – 3 pm.
Where: University of RI, Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies, Kingston, RI

September 24

Heritage Day Festival
Noon to 6:00 pm
Where: Roger Williams Memorial Park, North Main Street, Providence
website: www.preservation.ri.gov

Silent Walking Meditation at WaterFire – Walkers can carry Candle Luminaria as they walk slowly and in silence
Assemble at 6:30 pm; Walk at 7:30 pm
Where: WaterPlace Park Basin
website: www.thepeaceflagproject.org and www.waterfire.org

September 29

Cultivating Peace through Laughter and Silence with Rebecca Foster
6:00 to 8:00 pm.
Where: First Unitarian Church of Providence
website: www.thecenterofjoy.net

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