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Holy batmobile, Kidoinfo turned six (yesterday)–so much for posting this on the official day. Where did the time go!?! I started Kidoinfo when my boys were in preschool at Child’s Play and now they’re 5th graders in the Providence Public School system. In another six years we will be thinking about college. Crazy.

Kidoinfo-cake-6 Feeling sentimental after re-reading what I wrote on Kidoinfo’s one-year anniversary and thinking about the future, I’m sharing the post below because it still feels relevant and reminds me why I started the website in the first place and how it has become greater than the sum of its parts thanks to all of you!

Starting this site (or starting any new business) sometimes felt a little like having a baby (or in my case, twins). First-time pregnancies often allow us time to spend reading, researching, and getting ready for the arrival of the new baby; once he or she is born, however, it’s a whole new world.

Before I launched Kidoinfo, I spent time reading, researching, and planning as well. I spent time writing and getting used to blogging (which explains why blog posts start in January 2007) and I talked with friends, families, and many parents about what they would like to see in a parenting website. Thanks to my husband, who devoted many hours of programming the site, and extended family members, who offered to babysit our sons, Kidoinfo.com was born… Since that time (as with a baby’s first year), many changes have taken place and many people have helped me along the way. Kidoinfo.com becomes more relevant and useful the more people share their ideas and experience.

Thanks to all the fabulous people I have met because of the website, to my mom friends who have supported me in making this happen, and to all the amazing people who contribute their writing and expertise to make this site what it is. Thanks to the growing Kidoinfo community that keeps me inspired and keeps the website energized.

Ethan-Kidoinfo-6 copyKidoinfo is growing along with my kids. We have recently spiffed up the site, redesigned the directory and welcome a new group of contributors–Adventure Writers–to the Kidoinfo family. And my boys love a reason to eat cake.


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  1. Amy Hood amy says:

    Happy Anniversary, Anisa! I’m delighted to be even a small part of what you’ve created.

  2. Abid says:

    Happy birthday on your success in serving your community.

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