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Counting out the Trees

This marionette mystery fairy tale, Counting out the Trees, will be performed by Yorick’s Marionette Theater in Narragansett.

Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and other famous fairy tale characters come together to find out the mystery of disappearing trees. Fairy Queen summons an emergency meeting under the full moon. A wonderful cast of marionettes entertains children aged 5 to 14. The 3:30 workshop is led by creators Agnes Novak and Dusan Petran to help kids make their own Marionettes: a girl, boy, bird, or other animals.

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Sunday, Feb. 4th
The Tower, Narragnasett 35 Ocean Road, Narragnasett, RI
(401) 782-2597
2:00 Performance – Free
3:30 Workshop – $5

DIY | Marionettes
Find more info on making marionettes – visit Zoom and the Puppets 2000.

Read what Make: magazine has to say about making marionettes and how marionettes are made. A great book about puppets – Making Puppets Come Alive: How to Learn and Teach Hand Puppetry by Larry Engler, Carol Fijan

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