If you have more than one child, you already know that spending time with just one of them–without other siblings underfoot and vying for our attention–is rare.

Not as often as I would like, but since my boys were toddlers, I have made an effort to spend some one-on-one time with each of them. Since my boys are twins–and have always been on the same nap, playdate and now after-school schedule–creating one-on-one time with each one I believe is important to their development and confidence. Time away from a sibling’s shadow, allows each of them space to express and explore their own opinions and interests. My husband and I have tried to make one-on-one time a special outing or activity but sometimes it’s as simple as grocery shopping with a treat or curling up reading together when no one else is home.

Better Burger CompanyMy recent outing with my younger son evolved out of his passion for burgers and seeing a flier for the Better Burger Company on Thayer Street. After talking about it for months, we finally found an evening where the two of us (the only two in the family who like burgers) were free to go out. Now that my son is almost 10, still likes to hang with his mom and loves to talk, my evening out on Thayer Street felt more like date-night-out than a playdate.

We sat outside of the Better Burger Company (BBC) enjoying our burgers while listening to a street musician play Star Wars and The Sound of Music on the saxophone. We chatted about our day, movies and music. The people working at BBC were super nice and when we told them they mistakenly added pickles to my sons “plain” hamburger, they apologized and quickly made a new burger, and gave us extra onion rings.

Froyo World

Afterwards we went to Froyo World for desert. We sampled the different yogurt flavors before deciding on our favorites, followed by loading up with yummy toppings. Added bonus: Toy Story playing on the TV. We talked about the movie, the difference between yogurt and ice cream, what our favorite toppings are, and reminisced about the other ice cream spots we have visited over the year. A evening to remember.Toppings at Froyo World

Better Burger Company
215-217 Thayer St
Providence, RI 02906

Froyo World
219 Thayer St
Providence, RI