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rhode trip: Prudence Island Ferry

Prudence Ferry 002 500X375Taking the Prudence Island Ferry roundtrip from Bristol makes a delightful daytrip. Off-season (September-June) the ferry makes several trips a day from the wharf in Bristol.
We took the 10:00 ferry out and back, spending just a few minutes on the island throwing rocks into the water and purchasing M&Ms in the funky general store, which is well-stocked with penny candy and beverages. Prudence Island is home to about 88 people. The island is rural, most of the roads are unpaved, many homes are rental properties and the only business on the island is the general store.


We were delighted with the view from the boat and the speed, and we even saw seals! As you can imagine, it was a very breezy trip, so bring a jacket.

In the summer the ferry will run more frequently but for now the ferry crossing is just the right length for those of us with young children, 20-30 minutes each way. An adult’s round-trip ticket is $6.50 and children under 5 ride for free. Reservations are not needed unless you are bringing your car. Bringing a bicycle costs about $1.00 more. And the ferry captain and personnel are very friendly to children!

Complete schedule information can be found at the Prudence Island Ferry website or by calling the ferry office at (401) 253-9808.

Daytrip is an occasional post about local family adventures. Click comments below and share your daytrip adventure with us. This post was contributed by Katy Killilea.

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  • I think this is a great idea. I’, going to definetely go with my boys when it gets a little warmer! Great idea!