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Do you want to Dance?

If you are looking for a creative dance class for your kids, check out Mary Paula Hunter and the East Side Ballet. She offers creative movement, ballet, modern, jazz, tap and classes for boys.

My sons have been in the boys class since September. Mary Paula is energetic and inspiring. She explores all forms of dance and music – the class combines creative movement, ballet, hip hop and more. As a bonus, on nice days, she may take the class outside. She teaches the kids discipline, technique, how to express themselves, and how to enjoy dance. Whether my kids continue to dance for fun or professionally is hard to predict – but its been a cool experience in the meantime.

Mary Paula Hunter, director
The East Side Ballet Studio
114 George Street (St. George Church, off Thayer Street)
Providence RI
(401) 529.4391
level: 3 years to adult

Mary Paula Hunter and JUMP!

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  • We love Mary Paula’s dance classes, too – just a note, it’s actually at S. Stephen’s church, not St. George’s. (It’s on George Street, though.)