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ESPEC Community Meeting

East Side Public Education Coalition Community Meeting
When: Wednesday, February 7th, 7pm
Where: MLK Elementary School
35 Camp St., between Olney and Doyle. Refreshments will be provided.

Tom Schmeling of ESPEC, invites you to come celebrate the progress toward reopening Nathan Bishop Middle School.

Last March, Bishop was slated to be closed and used as a temporary high school, with no prospect of reopening afterwards. Now, Bishop’s reopening has been recommended by Donnie Evans, the Superintendent, and it is included in the DeJong plan. Today, we can be confident that Bishop will reopen as a middle school with programs that will attract East Side parents and students. It’s time to celebrate this progress.

Hear Mayor Cicilline talk about plans to revitalize public education city-wide through an ambitious $700M project to renovate and rebuild the schools. Find out how we can help to make sure this goal is achieved.

Discuss the future of the Bishop building. Should it be renovated, or torn down and rebuilt? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative? What has been done in other districts? Hear Bill Bryan of Gilbane Construction talk about these options. He has a great slide show of projects completed in RI, CT and MA.

January Updates from ESPEC.

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