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With the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, September 11th and the general election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, that will determine who leads our country for the next four years, we are surrounded with news, sound bites, posters, fliers, and roaming politicians vying for our attention. Through the eyes and mind of a child, this all must seem absurd. One of my sons recently asked, “It seems like everyone spends so much time trying to get elected or re-elected, who is actually doing their job and why can’t we use the money spent on campaign promotions for something more important? (Like pencil sharpeners or school field trips.)” Well said.

Teaching children the meaning and importance of voting  – on the playground, in the classroom, at home, and for the national government – are important life skills for kids to learn at any age.

I have always believed it is my civic duty to be informed and exercise my right to vote both locally and nationally. As a parent I want to share this value with my children teaching them the importance of acquiring factual information, expressing their opinions in a mindful way, standing up for what they believe in, and taking part in the voting process.

Although I have written about voting in the past, I want to share some additional resources in addition to to the past Kidoinfo posts.

Tips on helping future voters get involved with the election:

Before Election Day

On Election Day

Books and Resources:

Previous articles about voting with kids

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