Here comes the warm weather – we plan to spend time outside with the kidos!

Kido Tip 1. Pack a picnic.

Clean out the cooler and the picnic basket! Seems the weather this weekend will finally be good enough for dining out doors. Along with your favorite foods (read some food suggestions on Kidoinfo), pack water bottles, cloth napkins, blanket, trash bag (since some parks and beaches require you to dispose of your trash) and game equipment (balls, Frisbees, and buckets).

Favorite Picnic Spots: Goddard State Park, Beavertail Park, and our backyard!

Kido Tip 2. Watch the bees.

Photo Credit: Robbing the Bees

Neighbors recently moved in behind us and installed a bee house on the edge of our yard.  I never thought much of beekeeping before and I must admit I am a bit scared of bees, having been stung before. I know this fear comes from lack of knowledge and as a parent my job is to dispel myths, do away with unnecessary fears and take advantage of teachable moments such as this one. Our neighbors’ beekeeping provides a great opportunity for my family to learn about the life of bees. We have already been amazed to learn that bees “vote” for their residence (unless they get a fancy condo like the one out back) by dancing. We plan to research bee habits and find recipes that include honey. Seems like a good time to revisit some Winnie the Pooh books as well.

Recommended reading: Robbing the Bees by Holley Bishop

Kido Tip 3. Plan a mystery trip.

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