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Barnyard on kid o infoFancypants Bakery specializes in making delicious, buttery, beautifully decorated shortbread cookies. These 100 percent nut-free home-baked treats are made from scratch every day with all natural ingredients in their East Walpole Bakery under the direction of Maura Duggan, her partner, Justin Housman, and a few local moms who design, decorate, and package the cookies.

At first glance you will be mesmerized by the artfully painted masterpieces, and at first bite you will be hooked on the light fluffy cookie paired with frosting that is not too sweet but sweet enough to make it the perfect treat even when you are not having a party.Pf Cust Clipboard-1

Browse the cookie gallery and you will find cookies to match almost any party theme, hobby, season, or special event. Buy cookies individually wrapped as party favors or buy a fancy gift-boxed set of 6, 9, or 12 cookies appropriate for any occasion.

Fancypants also makes custom designed cookies. I particularly liked the Director’s Clipboard since my sons have been nicknamed “Siskel and Ebert” for their habit of giving movie reviews and their growing knowledge of movie trivia.

Available at a select number of retail outlets in New England (none in Rhode Island so far) or online at

Want to win a large (12 cookie) “On the farm” cookie gift box?

Click to enter. We will randomly select one person to win a large (12 cookie) “On the farm” gift box (Valued at $49.99 plus $9.95 shipping).

– One entry permitted per person; U.S. entrants welcome to enter.
– Contest closes at midnight ET, September 14, 2008.
– The winner will receive one a large (12 cookie) cookie gift box.

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  1. Nephellie Bellos says:

    I have ordered a few times from FancyPants bakery and every time the cookies exceed my expectations. I always forget how GOOD they are. Delicious…

  2. sue corsetti says:

    I LOVE these cookies. Everytime we have a party or go somewhere people want to know if we have “THE COOKIES”! My kids go crazy for them too!!!

  3. Maria Peterson says:

    Love these buttery cookies with lots of (not too)sweet icing! So does everyone I’ve sent them to. Hope I win!!!

  4. Deb Nelson says:

    The perfect cookie!!! These cookies are delicious and designs are so clever. There is a cookie for every occasion. A perfect gift or party favor.

  5. Katelyn Reen says:

    I sent a box of cookies as a thank you and they were a HUGE HIT…..they were thanking me for the thank you!

  6. Paula Attridge says:

    My six year old daughter is anaphylactic to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame. It is VERY difficult to find SAFE baked goods. FancyPants Bakery is a life saver! We have purchased these cookies for all three of my daughters birthday party goodie treat to send home with the kids. We have purchased these cookies to give as gifts to our friends with food allergies. We have purchased these cookies to give as gifts to the Teachers at school. Maura and Justin are FANTASTIC and we are thrilled they make such a great product!

  7. Heather K. says:

    I had the gift shaped cookies w/ purple icing as favors at my rehearsal dinner, they were a huge hit! I recently sent a gift box to a friend after her mother died (rather than flowers, and bc the house full of kids needed something special too) and they were once again a huge hit! Maura and Justin go out of their way to help with special orders and their cookies are insanely delicious!!! You MUST try them if you haven’t!

  8. Andi R says:

    Adorable. Scrumptious. Addictive! Warning: at least one large glass of milk is required – or a cuppa tea. Yum!

    I have even devoured one for breakfast!

  9. Kristen says:

    I have been known to eat a frog or two from these lovely bakers! Yum!

  10. Allison Parks says:

    I have ordered from Fancypants a few times for special occasions & gifts and everyone loves them!!

  11. Shivaun says:

    These cookies are DISH DELISH!!!!

  12. Katy C. says:

    These cookies are phenomenal. I love all the designs. Everyone raved about the baby bottle cookies that Fancypants did for my baby shower. Now that she is a toddler, if I need her to stay in the cart while grocery shopping, I let her eat one of these cookies and by the time she’s done I’m ready to check out! (not to mention she’s full and I don’t have to give her dinner! 🙂

  13. Cat Horn says:

    These cookies are the best! They are so appealing to all ages. I can’t decide which I like more…the way they look or the way they taste!

  14. Kristie says:

    This would make a great Get Well gift for my grandfather who has spent his whole life farming and is now in the hospital.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Susan says:

    My son is severely allergic to peanuts and treenuts and I found Fancypants bakery on a food allergy web-site. Not only does Fancypants bakery provide excellent customer service, but this is the first “bakery” cookie my son has ever had at 5 years of age. They are not only cute cookies, but absolutely delicious!! I know because I get the left over crumbs!

  16. Joey says:

    We have your cookies on every single holiday!! Everyone gets to choose which one they want. On Thanksgiving, I kept teasing people that chose the turkey, “You are what you eat!!” (I think I’m funny!! haha) Have also had them for baby shower, (little pink onesies) wedding favors (little wedding cakes). Oh, and did I mention the taste?? Unbelievably delicious!! Some people like to have a bite and then later have another. NOT ME!! I have to eat the whole cookie with my coffee!! Thank you for the pleasures!!

  17. Judi says:

    I’ve ordered these cookies for lots of different occasions and they’re always a hit. More than one person has said they’re the best shortbread cookies they’ve ever had…try them and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

  18. Arleen Stevens says:

    I have had the pleasure of enjoying Fancy Pant bakery short bread cookies and they are the best I have ever tasted!

  19. Stacey says:

    I LOVE these cookies! I have ordered several times and they are always a hit! So cute and, especially, delicious!

  20. Anne Lunghi says:

    These cookies are absolutely delicious. And they are cute as can be! They are my favorite cookies, I highly recommend them- you’ll love them!

  21. Bruce Sutphin says:

    Justin & Maura sent us cookies for our 60th birthday party, decorated with our likeness. The cookies were excellent and everyone at the party (80+ guests) who had the cookies said how nice they were and ho good they tasted. (My wife and I had difficulty eating our likeness, however, but it sure tasted good!)

  22. Jill Robertson says:

    We tried these cookies at our friends birthday party, We love them. They are buttery with just the right amount of sweet. My kids love all the different shapes they come in.

  23. lisa meccariello says:

    I have had this cookies on special occasions and they are such a treat. Keep up the great job.

  24. My grandsons love the cookies! One cookie lasts about 3 days. The designs are great and they taste wonderful.What a great idea to do the barnyard!
    Christine F.

  25. Kathy S says:

    My family has had these wonderful cookies for many occasions and they are always a big hit. I chose the wedding cake cookie as the favor for a bridal shower I gave. Justin and Maura even customized the icing colors to match the bridesmaids dresses.

  26. Carey Johnson says:

    I have not had the pleasure of trying a Fancypants cookie as of yet, but have two sons age 3 and 5 who are the biggest cookie monsters you will ever meet. I am also enjoying the wonderful Fancypants website and looking at all the beautiful designs. Keep up the good work Justin and Maura!!!

  27. Carol Ledbetter says:

    We are longtime fans of these delicious shortbread cookies. The cookies are loved by all age groups, toddlers to senior citizens!

  28. Anisa Raoof Anisa says:

    Congratulations to Nicole from East Greenwich, RI. She is the winner of a large (12 cookie) “On the farm” cookie gift box. The FancyPants Bakery contest is now closed.

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