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Get ready to party!

Two days until the best family party in town happens. Can’t wait? Get a sneak peak of the FirstWorks Kids Festival tomorrow night at the Children’s Museum with Lydia Perez and the Bombitas, then, rest up for Saturday’s day of fun! Read more about the festival in our Weekend Picks today.

Dan Zanes, Green Wave-1Dan Zanes is definitely on the Kidoinfo A-list. He has helped redefine the music scene for us parents. At our house, we have been happily rockin’ to Dan Zanes and friends since my boys were babies, five years ago. He is all about making music for families to enjoy together. I agree with Dan that listening to music with our kids doesn’t have to be limited to music labeled for kids. Our house is full of music of many kinds.

Dan Zanes makes his own homemade blend of family music and encourages the same in friends and neighbors. He loves to sing and collaborate with other musicians from a variety of music styles and from many different cultures. A few of his many collaborators include Aimee Mann, Deborah Harry, Lou Reed, Suzanne Vegas, Sheryl Crowe, Dar Williams, and Natalie Merchant. Not only does Dan play great music for us to get up and move to but he also believes that making music and dancing together can help break down our cultural differences. I am all for a little more peace and understanding in this world and a whole lot of dancing! At Kidoinfo we also believe in making connections in the community—we bring together creative ideas and people to help make parenting a little easier and lot more fun.

Dan Zanes’ recent Grammy-award winning CD “Catch That Train!” brings together the Kronos Quartet, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Father Goose, Dan’s mother-in-law, and the children of South Africa’s Agape Orphanage to sing Zulu folk songs, an old labor organizing tune, a song about the joys of farming the English countryside, and of course, a few train songs. “Catch That Train” features a mix that highlights cuatros and lap steels and does not in any way discourage the use of trombone.

Fun Facts from Dan Zanes’ website:
His favorite food is organic corn chips.
He has 6 colored suits—purple, yellow, raspberry, red, green, and pink.
He is learning Spanish.
He loves to play the ukulele and recommends it for kids just starting out.

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