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Since seeing movies in a theater is still a family treat and opportunities to watch kid-appropriate films other than Disney or DreamWorks on the big screen are rare, my family has supported (and Kidoinfo has sponsored) the Providence Children’s Film Festival since its inception in 2009.

It’s not often that our children have access to so many quality films from around the globe–shorts, features, animation, live action, and documentaries–with an emphasis on the craft of film and storytelling and not superfluous merchandise or action figures. pcff_150x150-2013Although many kids may not be as obsessed with movies as my children, the films shown at the 2013 Providence Children’s Film festival have something that will appeal to everyone–stretch the imagination and take us to far away lands–from entertaining animations and features to serious dramas tackling challenging issues such as loss and divorce. Documentaries share real life stories about animal rescue, parkour, building human pyramids, sports-related head injuries and a women’s basketball team in Iraq. Watching movies with our kids provides us time to have fun together, discover new things, and discuss challenging subjects. For suggestions on how to engage kids before/during.after the film, read the Kidoinfo Family Movie Watching guide.

Now that the 2013 film festival (and school vacation) has begun I’m taking some time off from Kidoinfo to work the festival, watch movies with my boys, and assist them with their movie blog, flickflackmovietalk.com–although now at age eleven, they are quite tech savvy and need little help from me. My boys enjoy being “press kids” at the festival–interviewing children and adults about what they thought of the movies. When not watching films or attending workshops they will be interviewing the audience, staff and directors.


If you want some ideas of what to see at the 2013 Providence Children’s Film Festival, watch Flick and Flack’s video to hear their festival favorites.

Below is a list of this year’s films sorted by age. Visit pcffri.org for a complete list of films and age recommendations.


  • Kids Flix Mix (multinational)  All Ages   65 mins
  • Lotte and the Moonstone Secret  (Latvia) All Ages   73 mins
  • Outdoor Kindergarten & Stetson Street Dog (Switzerland/USA)  All Ages  61 mins
  • Charlie Chaplin Modern Times (USA)  All ages   86 mins

AGES 8 – 10

  • Wicki and Treasure of Gods (Germany/subtitled)  Ages 8+   92 mins
  • Alfie the Little Werewolf (Netherlands/subtitled) Ages 8+    95 mins
  • Bacalar (Mexico/subtitled)  Ages 8+    96 mins
  • Twigson in Trouble (Norway/subtitled)  Ages 8+   72 mins
  • Party Mix (multinational) Ages 8+   72 mins
  • MIT Student Film Reel (USA) Ages 8+  77 mins
  • The Human Tower (USA/subtitled)  Ages 9+  77 mins

AGES 10 – 12

  • Le Tableau (France/subtitled)  Ages 10+   78 mins
  • Salaam Dunk (USA) 10+  81 mins
  • People in Motion  (USA)  Ages 10+  75 mins
  • Tom and Hacke (Germany/subtitled)  10+   97 mins
  • Tony 10 (Netherlands/subtitled)  10+   85 mins

AGES 13 +

  • Wunderkinder  (Germany/subtitled)  13+   96 mins
  • Head Games (USA) Ages 13+   96 mins
  • Kauwboy (Netherlands/subtitled) 13+   81 mins

While I am away from Kidoinfo, check the events calendar for things to do and check the Kidoinfo archives full of crafty ideas, recipes, book reviews, fun activities and more!

Hope to see you at the movies!


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