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Some kids love Legos, building and re-building structures for hours and some kids are "nature buffs" always digging in dirt and identifying bugs in the backyard. I was a crafty kid making things whenever possible when I was young, even now. My boys? Film-obsessed and have been ever since they saw their first film at age 3. TV shows or computer games are of little interest to them but movie watching, making, and all the trivia is their passion.

Since seeing movies in a theater is still a big treat and opportunities to watch kid-appropriate films other than Disney or DreamWorks on the big screen are rare my boys and I are looking forward to the Providence Children's Film Festival. And Kidoinfo has been a proud media sponsor two years in a row.

Now that the festival (and school vacation) has begun I am taking some time off from Kidoinfo to watch movies with my boys and assist them with their blog, They had so much fun at last year's festival interviewing kids and adults about what they thought of the movies they were invited back again this year as “press kids." When not watching films or attending workshops they will be interviewing the audience, staff and directors.

Listen to Flick Flack's PCFF film podcast here.

While I am away from Kidoinfo, check the events calendar for things to do and check the Kidoinfo archives full of crafty ideas, recipes, book reviews, fun activities and more!

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