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Grocery News: “All Out Of” Pad

product_12019_l1by Katy Killilea

Here’s a well-intentioned product that actually works to make my life easier: the “All Out Of” Pad. Granted, you could easily type up your own customized version, but this pad is good enough for me. It lists, using categories such as “Fruits,” “Dairy,” and “Snacks,” those items you commonly purchase at the grocery store.

The pages include space to write in additional or more specific items in each category, so you’ll remember your Brussels sprouts and Kashi GoLean. It also has a strong magnet on the back, so you can hang it on the fridge and have it at the ready the moment you notice you have run out of something.

The “All Out Of” Pad can be purchased online at www.knockknock.biz, Figments on Westminster Street in Providence (near White Electric Coffee) or The Curatorium on Wickenden Street in Providence (next to the Coffee Exchange).

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