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Grocery News: Community Supported Agriculture

Farm Standby Katy Killilea

It’s time to sign up for a CSA! (CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is when a family pays a farm for a share in the harvest and receives produce every week throughout the growing season). This is a great deal–the vegetables are so fresh and beautiful and just make you want to get your knives sharpened and your grill fired up.

While my CSA experience is limited to Wishing Stone Farm, I know there are several others in Rhode Island (check the Kidoinfo list of local CSAs). This year, Skip and Liz at Wishing Stone Farm are offering a $15 discount for families who sign up before April 30. You’ll have your choice of pick-up spots in Little Compton, Providence, Barrington or Fall River. Members of the CSA can even add on things like organic eggs from the farm’s own chickens, or pickles, breads, and pesto from Babette’s Feast.

Every member is welcome to pitch in with farm chores in Little Compton (not required but it can be lots of fun) and everyone is encouraged to visit the farm and learn how an organic farm works.

For more information about the Wishing Stone Farm CSA, visit their beautiful and very informative site: www.wishingstonefarm.com. There you will find prices, pictures, and lists of the produce you can look forward to each month, plus lots of information about the farm.

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  • Our family is so excited about the upcoming CSA season! We belong to Ledge Ends Produce http://www.ledgeendsproduce.com and have been really pleased the last 2 years with the amount, quality, and variety of the produce. When the cherry tomatoes arrive, they never make it into the house because we eat them all on the way home!