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Grocery News: Easter Candy Overload

April 10, 2007

Pf Cad Minieggsby Katy Killilea

It's time for post-holiday candy sales. Is anyone else out there wondering, "Do I really like black jelly beans?" I'd say if you can resist buying a stockpile of something, even when it's at Target's 50% off sale, then you know you truly don't like it. At this time of year, we all must focus on the good stuff.

Here's what I'll be searching for on sale:
- Cadbury Mini Eggs in original milk chocolate - Probably unavailable. These were really scarce. If you know where to get them, please alert the Kidoinfo community.
- Dove or Hershey milk chocolate eggs - These are perfect for the cheap chocolate lover all year round. Little egg shaped foods fit so nicely in the mouth.
- I would not buy jelly beans. - Not even at 90% off, which they will be soon. Especially the bags of all-blacks.

Isn't it sad that so many chocolates feel the need to be something they aren't? It's painful to see the treats become little social climbers. I don't care for any of the new cheap dark chocolates. Dark chocolate M&Ms just taste cheap. Regular M&Ms taste like...M&Ms. Yum, I'd even buy pastel Easter M&Ms.

I hope you find your heart's desire in the candy aisle. Good luck!

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