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Grocery News: Nostalgia in the Snack Aisle

Crackerjackby Katy Killilea

Yesterday at Shaw’s I was so happy to see something I had thought was long gone: boxed Cracker Jacks. I had seen Cracker Jacks in those “Big Grab” 99-cent bags, so I knew the product was still available. But the modestly sized, boxed portions I recall from my childhood? I was delighted to discover that they still exist! You’ll find them on the highest shelf near the popcorn, where the other unpopular foods live.

Three boxes come taped together (more nostalgia—as if they came by time machine from before everything got shrink-wrapped) for $1.50. I’m sure you remember the slim boxes, smaller but almost the same size as a video cassette. Is what’s inside all that delicious? Not really. But it is a tasty enough, fun snack, less junky than most junk food, and a good size to sneak into a movie for your child (if you are that kind of parent). Is there still a prize inside? You bet, and the prizes are every bit as insignificant as they ever were. In other words, a box of Cracker Jacks is exactly the same as you remember it.

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