Growing Flowers, and a Reader!

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With permission from local dad, Michael Kindness, I am reprinting his review about this lovely book, The Curious Garden–perfect spring reading and activity with youngsters.  Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman co-write the fabulous blog, Books on the Nightstand.

curious garden A few days ago I was in Other Tiger, one of the wonderful New England bookstores I work with. They had a display up for a kid’s picture book that immediately grabbed my eye: The Curious Garden by Peter Brown. I started flipping through the book which tells the story of a young boy who lives in a dreary city with no gardens or trees. One day, while exploring, Liam discovers a small tree and a few flowers growing in between some elevated train tracks. Every day he waters, prunes, nurtures and even sings to the plants and they grow, filling the train tracks and beyond.

At the back of the book, a note from the author tells the story of the disused Highline elevated railway on the West Side of Manhattan that is now covered with plants. It got him wondering, “what would happen if an entire city decided to truly cooperate with nature? How would that city change? How would it all begin?”IMG_8090

In a truly brilliant bit of marketing, the publisher sent out packets of seeds to be given away with book purchase. After reading the book to my three-year-old I told him we were going to plant some seeds so he could take care of flowers just like Liam.

He had so much fun planting the seeds and he checks every few hours to see if they have started growing yet!

For other ideas on things to do outdoors with your kids, I highly recommend I Love Dirt!: 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature. It’s a four-seasons guide to outdoor adventures that can be done in the city or the country.

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  1. erin goodman says:

    this book looks great! thank you. and i am so happy to have discovered books on the nightstand – what a wonderful resource!!!

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