We have decided to celebrate the magic of snow (and lack of the white stuff in the northeast) by hosting a Snow Party – complete with stories, crafts, science experiments and snacks. Followed by a trip outdoors in real snow if the temperatures drop and the rain changes to snow.


  • Read Snowflake Bentley (Caldecott Medal Book) by Jacqueline Briggs, illustrated by Martin Mary Azarian. This is the true story of Wilson Bentley, a farmer born in 1865 in Jericho, Vermont, a small town between Lake Champlain and Mount Mansfield. The story shows Bentley’s fascination, determination, and success in learning how to photograph snowflakes after his mother gave him a microscope when he was fifteen. Beautiful, bold woodcut illustrations.
  • Watch the video about Snowflake Bentley and his photographs.
  • Read more books about snow and winter from the Kidoinfo book list.


paper snowflakes  | bugs and fishes

Cut snowflakes from folded paper, paper plates or round doilies.

stars wars paper snowflakes | matters of grey

Think of snowy Hoth. Make Star Wars themed snowflakes. (how-to)

quilled paper snowflake

Quill a snowflake from paper strips. (how-to)

snowstorm  |  craft stylish

Make an indoor snowstorm using Avery labels and dental floss. (how-to)

snowglobe | martha stewart

Make a snow globe from old glass jars, greens, plastic toys, distilled water, glitter, and glycerin. (how-to)

window cling snowflake  |  family fun

Make window cling snowflakes with glue and glitter. (how-to)

collage snowman | kidoinfo

Collage a snowman using paper, old magazines, buttons, sequins, sticks and old ribbons.
Inspired by Snowballs by Lois Ehlert. (how-to)


Learn about the seven basic snowflake shapes here.

borax crsytal snowflake | martha stewart

Make crystallized snowflakes with Borax, hot water and pipe cleaners. (how-to)
Learn the science behind the Borax crystals.


snowflake cookies | pink martinis and pearls

Bake and decorate snowflake cookies. (recipe)

snowflake tortillas | family fun

Make tortilla snowflake snack. Fold and cut tortillas as you would paper snowflakes, coat with a little oil or butter. dust cinnamon or , bake first and dust after with confectioners sugar! (recipe)


  • Build a snowman
  • Go sledding (in Rhode Island)
  • Catch snowflakes on black paper and look at with a magnifying glass before they melt