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Hot Dogs at Lippitt Park

Hotdog on Kid o InfoE eating Hot Dog - Kid o InfoD eating hot dog - Kid o Info

A sure sign of spring in our neighborhood is the Chez Pascal’s hot dog stand (called Hewtin’s Dog) back at the park and open for business. My boys and I vote these the BEST hot dogs around. Look at those happy boys! The Grote & Weigel all beef 10-inch hot dogs for $2.50 are delicious. They have drinks, chips and a few other food items–except for the chips and beverages though there are no vegetarian options.

Matt Gennuso, chef/owner of Chez Pascal (located in Providence on Hope Street at the corner of Ninth Street), sets up his stand from April/May through early fall, depending on the weather.

Open Tuesday – Saturday, 11:30 am – 4:30 pm
Located on Hope Street (East Side of Providence) at the edge of Lippitt Park and diagonally across from the Chez Pascal restaurant. There’s a great playground in the park so you can make it a complete outing with your children.

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