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The following summary was prepared by members of the InfoWorks LIVE team. InfoWorks LIVE is a collaborative effort between the Rhode Island Department of Education and The Providence Plan.


About InfoWorks LIVE!

Curious about data regarding your child’s education?  There’s data galore — super parent-friendly — at the new and improved InfoWorks LIVE.

Parents!  Commissioner Deborah Gist and the Regents specifically told the new InfoWorks LIVE team to design a site for YOU.  With InfoWorks LIVE to help you and the general public become confidently well-informed, you’ll be an even stronger partner in your own child’s education and in forming education policy more generally.

Enter the InfoWorks LIVE world by typing your child’s school in the “School Finder.”  There you’ll find test scores, demographics, graduation data and more.  The new site uses the most up-to-date numbers available and its templates allow users a more interactive experience than the previous version.  Many charts show year-to-year comparisons.  Every chart has a “print” and an “e-mail” option, to encourage you to share the data.

Or look at statewide comparisons of, say, 7th-grade math scores.  InfoWorks LIVE simplified the state’s vast amount of education data into 5 focal areas, represented by the big blue wheel available on home and state pages.  As you explore, brief explanations of the context will help you understand the larger landscape of testing or funding, for example. Often those explanations also offer links for deeper explorations and other sources of related information.

InfoWorks LIVE will continue to add new data sets, such as the fiscal information from the Unified Chart of Accounts and survey data as they become available.  In fact, we invite you to register your email with InfoWorks LIVE so you can get newsblasts when new data are online.  Please use the feedback form to help us make this the parents’ go-to site for school-related information.

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