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It’s time for flu shots!

Flu ShotOf course, only you and your staff of medical advisors know who in your family ought to get a flu shot. Your family doctor will have advice and vaccines available, or you can call 1-888-FLU-SHOT, or go to The Wellness Company to find flu shot “events” (sounds festive, doesn’t it?) in your neighborhood. It would be a stretch to say getting stuck with a vaccine is anyone here’s favorite thing to do, but getting it out of the way and diminishing our family’s odds of getting the flu definitely qualifies.

Learn more about flu shots from Dr. Cristina Mitchell.

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  • Parents should (VERY) CAREFULLY research the potential dangers of the flu shot. MOST flu shots contain 25 mcg of thimerosal, which is mercury. More and more info is coming to light in recent years that links thimerosal and other toxins in the flu shot (and other vaccines) to neurological disorders like Autism and ADD/ADHD. For more info about potential dangers of thimerosal and flu shots check out : http://www.safeminds.org and http://www.generationrescue.org BE INFORMED!your children’s future is at stake.

  • Maybe before administering the flu shots to your children you should check out the CDC website which details ALL the ingredients in them, including mercury!