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A horse + hearty breakfast + hip artsy atmosphere + Star Wars collection in the bathroom = A fun family breakfast

outside Julians

inside JuliansJulians Bathroom

318 Broadway, Providence RI 02909
phone: (401) 861-1770
Web: www.juliansprovidence.com
Open: Monday — Friday from 9 am — 5 pm, Dinner nightly
Weekends: 9am — 3pm, Dinner nightly

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  • Just popping to say THE STAR WARS FIGURES ARE GONE! Still a great place to eat, though. And not a bad bathroom, either. But we do so miss those action figures.

  • I am looking forward to having brunch at Julians with my grandsons the next time I’m in Providence. How about that monster French toast? Dylan and Ethan can introduce me to all the Star Wars characters.