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Moms: keep your edge…

Once we enter into parenthood we have to come to terms with our world with kids versus what our world was like without kids. How can we be the best parent possible without losing ourselves? I believe for the sake of our sanity and ultimately for our kids, we have to try somehow to nurture a part of our old self before kids, (easier said than done, I know).

for moms: Find out more about retaining our edge in Jill Hudson Neal’s Washington Post column, Still Me: The Cool Mom’s Guide to Staying Hip.

Jill talked to Miriam Arond, editor-in-chief of Child magazine. Miriam said –

For so many moms, there’s a really strong need to hold onto who they were before they had kids. They feel like they can be much better parents to their kids if they feel good about themselves. It helps with their mindset.

Jill gets it. I feel like she is writing her column for me and who I hope I still am (a little). She says she writes her Cool Mom’s Guide for:

moms who want a little bit of what they had before their kids arrived on the scene. You know, back before you were sleep-deprived, harried, over-committed and generally hyper-anxious about how to raise a kid… and if being a cool mom is all about being a little better informed, then the “Still Me” column should be a place where we can get our learn on…talking about a range of topics, from music and fashion, books and music, pop culture trends and even politics.

for dads: Neal Pollack talks about retaining his alternative lifestyle in his new book Alternadad. Neal recently spoke with Tom Ashbrook of OnPoint, NPR. Hear and read more on the OnPoint website.

I wasn’t really reluctant for the responsibility, the diapers or the sort of day-to-day workings of a parent. What I didn’t want to give up was the sort of cultural trappings of my life before having a kid — the music, the movies, the video games, the pop culture that I’d been immersed in since I was a kid, especially because it seemed to me a lot of the culture available to parents and kids was just lame. – Neal Pollack

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