Kent Street Pond: A Simple Nature Outing

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Location: Kent Street, Barrington, RI – across from the tennis courts
Suggested ages: 5-10
Cost: Free

Family adventures are often best when simple. Catching tadpoles at Kent Street Pond in Barrington is one of my kids’ favorite simple activities. The kids love it because they get to catch critters; I love it because they can do so with little driving and minimal preparation by me.

Armed with rain boots, nets and a five-gallon bucket, my kids will scoop up pond scum and catch tadpoles for hours. Last spring, they caught nearly one hundred tadpoles in a single outing. I let them keep three, which we raised to frogs then released back into the pond.


The small neighborhood pond is on Kent Street, a short street that runs between New Meadow Road and Sowams Road in Barrington. I usually park in one of several spots at the public tennis courts across the street from the pond.

Two nearby picnic tables and a single bench overlook the pond, but parents might want to bring a blanket for sitting on the grass. Bug spray and sunscreen are recommended.


We have spotted minnows, tadpoles, frogs and turtles, as well as ducks and other waterfowl. In a rare quiet moment, we were rewarded with a chorus of bullfrog croaks. My children, ages six and nine, focus solely on the pond, but the footpath through the woods adjacent to the pond provides a perfect nature walk for younger children.

If your kids love nature and you want a quick and easy way to provide them access to it, try Kent Street Pond. You might even end up with a new pet.

photo credit: by Cynthia Ragona

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