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King of the Jungle

Lion Masks
Lions have been living in our house for years now. Many of the characters from books, theater and movies come to life in our living room, where our boys put on shows almost daily. I am not sure which lion book first got the boys’ attention, but seeing the Lion King on stage at PPAC last year was mesmerizing.

We made these simple masks at home from paper plates so the boys could put on their own production of The Lion King. My son E shared his mask with his nursery class – it inspired almost all the kids to make their own.

DIY | Lion Masks
– paper plate
– hole punch
– pipe cleaners
– scissors
– paint or markers
– string or elastic
– optional: felt, paper

Use a pencil to mark the eyes, nose and mouth on paper plate and then cut them out. Let the kids paint, draw or glue paper onto plate. Hole punch around the edge and twist pipe cleaners to create mane. Use elastic string to tie one side to the other, so the mask will slip on and off your child’s head.



– The The Lion King soundtrack.

– African mask making at PBSkids.

– If you want to go beyond the lions in the jungle, Making Masks by Renee Schwarz is full of more great ideas.

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