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Kreatelier on Hope Street is a creative wonderland! See what’s new plus a chance to win!

In the midst of a winter filled with record-breaking amounts of snow that quickly transformed from slopes of glistening beauty to jagged piles of what I refer to as “visible pollution” it’s no wonder I find myself craving color. A wonderful place to find respite from stark surroundings is Kreatelier, a unique shop on Hope Street on Providence’s East Side. Just looking at the shop’s red exterior, bedecked with cheerful bunting, I am simultaneously soothed and energized.

Kreatelier Store on Hope Street

Kreatelier was established in 2007 by friends Pernilla Frazier and Line Daems, who refer to their working partnership as “a ying-yang combination of creative chaos and carefully considered organization.”

Kreatelier’s ever-expanding signature product line, all made locally at the shop, includes quilts, storage cases, headbands, car organizers, reusable gift wraps and much more. Kreatelier also offers whimsical made-to-order window treatments and interior accents, and workshops for children and adults. Shelves are also stocked with items from other brands and local artists.

In Kidoinfo’s ongoing support of local business we offer a Top 5 of our Kreatelier favorites along with a chance to win (see details below)!

Flag BannerFlag Banner
Designed by Kreatelier, locally made.
This 12 feet long flag banner will brighten up any room, window or party. All flags are double sided. Each banner is unique and made out of colorful leftover fabrics; can also be custom made. $40

Car Seat Organizer

Car Seat Organizer
Designed by Kreatelier, locally made.
This backseat convenience is made to withstand “tough love” treatment. One large pocket holds magazines or books; one pocket can hold a small water bottle; 4 extra pockets to fit all kinds of items; and 6 pockets can hold pens or markers. Choose from a variety of cheerful fabrics.
19” x 14”

Appliqued Onesie (shown right)
Designed and made by IT’S SEW YOU, a Providence based company.
“It’s Sew You…” by Kirsten Cole is an environmentally friendly sewing company making products for everyday life, “allowing you to express your individual style while reducing your impact on the planet”
Adorable and unique 100% cotton onesie, embellished with a colorful appliqué (Kreatelier’s leftover fabrics).
Different sizes available, $22

Knitted Bracelet
Designed and handmade by Providence based company Das Bah Designs
Knitted bracelet with appliqué. Felt is made from recycled post-costumer plastic bottles.
Different colors and designs available, $9

Kimono Wrap Dress
Designed and handmade in Lincoln, RI by Marci Szurley.Headband
Unique and simple kimono wrap dress handmade out of colorful fabrics. Different fabrics and sizes available. $55Small Pencil Case

Giveaway details:

Kreatelier is giving away a headband or small pencil case (retail value, $8) FREE to the first 25 customers who visit their Kreatelier shop on Hope Street in Providence (during March, 2011) and mention Kidoinfo!

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  • Absolutely LOVE this store!! I’ve been a fan since before they landed on Hope St and I adore their “new” shop there. So many great useful items that you can’t find elsewhere, and filled with inspirational ideas. What I wouldn’t give to be half as creative and talented! One of my all-time favorite spots to pop into!

  • Dreamy place is a good description. I love the car organizer. Boys keep pencils, paper kleenex, maps and water bottles tucked inside. Supplies ready for homework, art projects, etc. And I love the choice of patterns.