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Let there be cake…

Cupcake TowerAnd cupcakes. Now there is a new alternative for kids or adults with food allergies – free of eggs, dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts. Sophie-cakes were cooked up three years ago by Lynn and her mother-in-law shortly after Lynn’s daughter was diagnosed with a severe allergy to dairy and eggs. Wanting a special treat for Sophie’s first birthday, they were inspired to create the first Sophie-cake. Soon after they formed “Sophie-Cakes, Allergen-Free Bakery,” which specializes in cakes, cupcakes, and an understanding shoulder for other families to lean on. Choose chocolate or yellow cake with chocolate, vanilla, or crazy “colored” vanilla frosting.

My five-year old boys taste-tested the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and both agreed the cupcakes were yummy – tasty but not too sweet. One of my sons said he liked them enough to eat 10 cupcakes! His two-and-a-half-year-old cousin declared his cupcake was “super yummy!”

Lynn and her mother-in-law are currently experimenting with recipes that are gluten-free for those with wheat allergies and celiac disease.

A dozen cupcakes costs $20 and a 10″ double-layer round cake costs $45. More sizes available. To receive a complete menu and order your treats, email sophiecakesbakery@yahoo.com or call 401-942-0005.

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