By Mary Smith

everymanDate Night! Whether it happens every week or once a month, it never comes soon enough! After all the trips to and from school, after all the brown-bag lunches, after all the afterschool sports and playdates, you and your spouse or significant other deserve an evening out, with nothing but each other to focus on. But sometimes it's hard to muster the energy and creativity to decide what to do and where to go. A great meal at a restaurant? Entertainment at a theater or club? Well, there's a new spot in town that offers both--terrific food and entertainment: the Everyman bistro on the west side of Providence.

Everyman is dedicated to all things Rhode Island, from the local artists whose work adorns the walls, to the menu, which includes clam cakes, stuffies, and Johnny Cakes, to the ingredients that come from local farms and businesses. I was so excited to see Three Sisters Ice Cream on the dessert menu! The dinner menu includes perennial favorites such as meatloaf, fish & chips, saugies & beans, and chicken pot pie, and the list goes on, all for $15.00 or less. And when you get thirsty, you'll find 19 beers on tap as well as cocktails and wine.

Then there's the entertainment, which is live and local. I was there on a Wednesday night and was treated to Open Mic night. Sometimes it's music or it might be a poetry reading or standup comedy. I listened for a couple of hours as a talented array of local singers/songwriters serenaded the dining room with original songs and clever covers of favorites by Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead. On a recent Sunday night, there was a jubilant bluegrass band that had everyone smiling and tapping their toes. Everyman is a gem of a date spot, with its exposed brick walls, soft lighting, and range of musical offerings. And if your kids like to groove, bring them along the next time--they'll devour the chicken and pesto pizza, burgers, and mac & cheese, and then you can all dance off dinner while toasting some of the best that Rhode Island has to offer, all in one place!jukebox

Everyman: A Rhode Island Bistro - 311 Iron Horse Way, Providence, RI 02909
phone: 401-751-3630

Monday: Open Mike Night with John & Guests
Tuesday: Monthly Beer or Wine Tastings
Wednesday: Open Mike with featured artist Joe Auger
Friday: Spinin and Grinin with the Colonel (local DJ)
Saturday: 8pm Jazz with Ken Carpenter & Mark Armstrong
Sunday: Blues & Bluegrass

Everyman's art showcase in the "Sky Gallery" changes monthly, participating in the monthly Gallery Night Providence program.
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Mary Smith is a freelance writer who lives on the West Side of Providence. She spends her time working at a café, writing short stories, and rollerskating for the Providence Roller Derby.

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