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I love to walk barefoot in the sand but I’m not so fond of bringing all that sand into my car or house. Getting sand off my feet or my kids’ tush before putting on a fresh diaper always seemed futile until a friend showed me the magic of baby powder. Sprinkle powder (I use Johnson’s Baby Powder with pure cornstarch) onto your feet or your kids’ tush and wipe off. The powder AND the sand disappear. I always keep a container in my car. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can make my day.

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Anisa Raoof

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Anisa Raoof is the publisher of She combines being a mom with her experience as an artist, designer, psych researcher and former co-director of the Providence Craft Show to create the go-to spot for families in Rhode Island and beyond. She loves using social media to connect parents with family-related businesses and services and promoting ways for parents to engage offline with their kids. Anisa believes in the power of working together and loves to find ways to collaborate with others. An online enthusiast, still likes to unplug often by reading books and magazines, drawing, learning to knit, making pop-up books with her two sons and listening to records with her husband.

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  1. calendar katy says:

    it is a miracle! our baby powder is on the passenger seat of the car, ready for sandy legs & feet.

  2. Mary says:

    There’s a new product, Powder Pouch, that holds and releases the powder so you can wipe the sand away.

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