location: Wright’s Dairy Farm – 200 Woonsocket Hill Road, North Smithfield, RI 02896
cost: Free
good for: All ages

Wright’s Dairy Farm has been around for 100 years and they know milk. They also know what kids love. Animals, pastries, stuffed animals and holiday themed decorations will make getting your next gallon of milk an adventure for the entire family.


Upon driving into the dairy farm, which is located in a residential neighborhood, you will see baby calves in their temporary homes, which look like little white igloos. My 5-year-old daughter yells “Hi Baby Cows!” each and every time we drive by. These cows are born at the farm and are the future milking cows. Chickens wander around the property, contributing to the farmlike feel.

Wrights-Dairy-Farm-KidoinfoWrights-Dairy-Farm-KidoinfoIf you arrive between 3 and 5 pm, you can witness the big cows being milked. This is no farmhand sitting on a stool. They have a high tech electronic system that milks the cows and sends the milk to the on site dairy, where it is pasteurized and homogenized.

Wrights-Dairy-Farm-KidoinfoTwo small pens by the milking area hold bigger calves. After you sanitize your hands you are allowed to pet them. It’s a unique treat that children love.

Wrights-Dairy-Farm-KidoinfoThe fresh milk gets made into cream for the amazing selection of fresh baked pastries, cookies, cakes, brownies and fudge. If you’re into cream horns, try the cornets. You won’t be sorry. Special order cakes are available that will make any kid (or adult) happy. The tiramisu cake was a huge hit at my house one Christmas so much so that my friends from Connecticut now travel to Wright’s to get it for every birthday and holiday. Picnic tables are available to enjoy your goodies, which you can wash down with a mini chocolate, coffee or white milk. For the caffeine dependent, please note that Wright’s does not serve coffee or drinks other than milk, so if you need a cup of joe with your pastry, be sure to bring your own.

For the gardeners, you will be happy to know that you can buy cow manure to fertilize your garden ($5 for 2-3 pails or you can fill your truck for $10). Bring your own bucket and shovel. Which leads me to a very important note. Wright’s is a working dairy farm with real cows and as my 7-year-old son likes to point out upon our arrival, the aroma sometimes reminds you of that. It’s worth it, though, oh, is it worth it.