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By Elyse Major

mom-baby-familiesfirstIf you are a new mom or mom-to-be feeling overwhelmed and isolated, or maybe depressed, then Families First Rhode Island (Families First) may help to provide you with the comfort you need. Families First is a grassroots non-profit organization that pairs moms of newborns with highly trained volunteer mentor moms. Volunteer moms are compassionate, nurturing women who provide a shoulder to lean on. Services are free-of-charge to families throughout Rhode Island, regardless of insurance status.

Caring for a baby can be challenging
The challenges of new motherhood can be compounded by additional stressors like financial problems, health issues, and single parenting. Not everyone has a local support system to reach out to. That’s where Families First can help.

Since its inception in January 2008, Families First has successfully matched over sixty moms with volunteer mentor moms. The goal of the program is to restore confidence in the mother by offering her non-judgmental support, and to promote supportive relationships within her community. Feedback from both moms and mentor moms alike reveals a great sense of satisfaction from time spent together.

Being a Volunteer Mentor Mom can be a rewarding experience for many moms who have “been there and done that”
As a non-judgmental and caring mentor, volunteers provide a mom with support and compassion. The mentor mom meets with her new mom for approximately one hour per week for the baby’s first year. During visits, new moms can talk about concerns and ask questions confidentially with their mentor. Mentor support does not include chores, babysitting, or cooking meals.

First Saturdays
Families First holds voluntary monthly gatherings on the first Saturday of every month.familiesfirstlogo These gatherings are a great opportunity for moms to meet other moms and receive information about parenting issues. Gatherings are open to Family First moms, their families and friends.

To be a volunteer mom, or a mom who may need support, please go to www.familiesfirstri.orgor contact: Sally Harrison, Clinical Program Director at 1-401-383-9933 or

Elyse Major lives in northern Rhode Island with her husband and 2 sons. A “mostly” stay-at-home mom, Elyse works as a communications consultant for Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island. In her fragments of spare time, Elyse can be found blogging or creating items to sell.

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  1. Erin Goodman says:

    what a wonderful organization. thanks for this article, elyse!

  2. As an active and passionate board member of Families First, we are grateful for the wonderful article your wrote about our organization. We hope that moms in need will seek us out and that moms in search of a wonderful volunteer opportunity will find their calling with us. Thanks Elyse for a wonderful article!

  3. Thank you so much for the article,Elyse.
    We appreciate your getting the word out.
    All of your readers are welcome to come to our monthly gathering which is posted on our website. Thank you also for the work you all are doing at KIDOINFO. It is great to be a part of developing support for families and making parenting fun. Sally

  4. Deana Dow says:

    I am a volunteer with Families First, and have found it to be one of the most mutually rewarding experiences for myself as well as my “mom”. It brings me great joy to meet with my “mom” and just listen. It is so important for us as moms to support one another in a non-judgmental manner so that we are able to grow into ourselves as parents. Families First promotes this process and I feel so very lucky to be a part of this organization. Thanks so much for the wonderful article!

  5. Laura says:

    What a great resource! Thanks!

  6. Mary Beth Schneider says:

    Families First provided me with invaluable support and guidance after the birth of my beautiful son. The Families First team is comprised of lovely, compassionate women who truly understand the great joys and challenges of new motherhood. I hope that others utilize this excellent resource and know for sure that you are never all alone. Best wishes!!

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