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Name That Tune!

Sax Man

This game is a favorite in our family. (Even though no one in our family can sing in key, it’s still fun.) We have modified the rules from the original show, Name that Tune so we can play almost anywhere with two or more people. We play early in the morning, before dinner, in the car, walking down the street or whenever we have a few extra minutes.

One person goes first and hums a few notes. Whoever can guess the name of the song says, “I know!” and has the chance to guess. If he guesses correctly, it is his turn to hum a few notes of a new song and so on, until everyone gets a turn.

If it’s hard to guess, then you can give clues (e.g. If the answer is the theme to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a clue may be “It’s about a car”). A recent game included: “If I Were a Rich Man” (Fiddler on the Roof), “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and “A Hard Days Night” (The Beatles).

It can be a little tricky when the sky’s the limit! Once we were all completely stumped. After giving up and asking for the answer, we found out that one of our creative kids had made up a new song and hummed it, thinking that somehow we would be able to guess his brand new song. Kids have a way of making up their own rules as they go. Happy humming!

There are tons of musicals and show history at Wikipedia. When you need to know the name of a song, visit the Name My Tune website.

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