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Next Kidoinfo Conversation: Raising Community Minded Kids

I want to share ideas and resources of how families create meaningful connections to their communities and impact real change in the world. How we act in our home is an important foundation for kids to learn values.

I believe we set examples by modeling the behaviors and ideals we feel are important: how and what we talk about, the books we read, household rules, holidays and traditions we celebrate, are some of the ways we teach our children what we value and how we relate to the world.

Making connections from our home to our greater community benefits us all.

The next Kidoinfo Conversation: Raising Community Minded Kids timed just before summer (date to be announced) will be a bit different than previous events. We will host a single speaker instead of a panel and launch the Community Minded Kids (CMK) Field Guide. Still plenty of time to meet and mingle with parents and other community members.

I am pretty excited about creating this year’s field guide –  a first step in sharing ideas, resources and examples on how families can be more socially responsible. There will be space in the field guide for kids to record their own values and reflect on how they can bring these ideals into being. They can make plans/goals for a project that aligns with one or more of their values and interests.

Kidoinfo is collecting ideas and resources on the topic in advance of the conversation and launch of the CMK Field Guide.

I invite you to share your ideas, examples, and resources. Please download the CMK PDF with more details or click here to enter your ideas online.

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