Pancake Robots

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I am inspired by my friend Jason Thompson‘s ability to make art out of every day life. I will never look at pancakes the same way after this.


Your kids will call you a breakfast hero the next time you tell them you’re serving up pancakes from a robot factory. All you need is a condiment bottle, pancake mix and a steady hand. I usually start with the New York Times recipe for basic pancakes, but any pancake recipe will do. Keep it vegan by substituting rice or almond milk in lieu of dairy. The key is to make the batter a little wetter than usual (add more liquid) and smoother (no lumps). We use an immersion blender to smooth out the lumps. These two steps will allow the batter to flow through the condiment bottle without clogging. Use a funnel to pour the batter into the condiment bottle. Next, you’ll just need a steady hand and some imagination. Robots are easy with their geometric forms, and can be designed on-the-fly. The key is to draw the outline first, wait about 30-60 seconds for the batter in the pan to brown, then fill-in the rest of the pancake. The difference in cooking time creates the two batter colors. Try adding blueberry eyes, chocolate chip buttons & knobs, or even fruity ‘control panels’. Robots never tasted so good!

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