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During a recent visit with their grandparents, my daughters had a blast running, jumping, crawling, and splashing their way through a backyard obstacle course.  It was so simple to create, and it kept children and adults playing- and laughing- together for hours.

We created the course with things we had around the house, and set up toys as challenges along the course.

There was a Stump Challenge.

We used an old board for a balance beam.

My mom had kid-sized hurdles!

Through the tunnel, almost done.

Our course ended with bubble-blowing and a splash in the kiddie pool.  My kids ran this course over and over again.  Sometimes I ran too, silly and goofy and totally lighting them up inside.  They’d go to sleep at night, and wake up in the morning ready to do it all again in their pajamas.

Most kids have about a month left of summer vacation. There is still so much time to play together. There is still time to create those golden moments that your children will remember throughout their lives. You don’t need to schedule anything, or buy anything, or go anywhere. Just find an old board, or turn on the hose or kick a ball, and enjoy your very own Summer Games.


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About Allison Abramson: Allison is a wife and mother to two girls living in rural Connecticut. She writes about her journey through parenthood at Her writing and workshops focus on simplicity, living closer to the earth and inviting joy into the every day.

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